V4.4 released

A small update to incorporate a lot of feedback about the weight and prediction model. Now it’s configurable!


Last Set

“Last set” will use the details from your last recorded set to prefill the weight and repetitions.

Last Workout

Last workout, will track the entries in your last workout. For your first set, it will prefill from the first set of the last workout. Second set prefills from the second set of the last workout and so on.

Further Work?

I plan to incorporate a few more advanced prediction models in the future, stay tuned.


  • Jacob

    Awesome update, there is one thing I kinda miss from Jefit android app. Jefit had ability to track in detail workout time, time between reps and wasted time… could you implement something like that?

  • winter

    Hi Jacob,

    This sounds interesting and doable. I’m a bit confused about how the wasted time part is calculated.

  • Jacob

    One app worth checking on iOS is definetly GymGoal. UI does look bad, but functions app offers are awesome, for example let’s say you want to do similiar exercise for the same muscle group, switch it in your workout routine on the fly…also Muscle groups…

  • Don

    Best app i saw for Windows Phone. I Used Jefit Pro before and what i miss here is the ability to define set’s and reps in a workout..
    For example would be great if you can define in a Workout per exercise how many sets and reps you have to do..in the log the this is predifined .. you have only to check if it’s correct and add the weight..
    – Bench Press 5×5
    – Bizeps Curls 3×8
    and so on..


    • winter

      Hi Don,

      I have partially implemented this and hopefully I will get around to completing this in the future. I still haven’t figured out the best way to integrate it, so I will try and get hold of Jefit to see how it’s done there.