Version 4.8 coming your way

This is an awesome release, focused on a number of functional improvements, as well as some significant behind the scenes work to improve performance. Also now that my shoulder injury has healed, I noticed I was missing quite a few exercises focused on this area, so I fleshed this out a bit with upright rows and standing shoulder presses.


This version focuses on streamlining the creation of workouts. There are now two new easy ways to create a workout:

Create from History

The easiest way to create a new workout, just record entries freeform, and then from the history view, press the plus button to turn it into a workout! Couldn’t be easier.

Remember that the trial restriction of one workout still applies. If you like this feature, then please consider purchasing and help fund future development.

create workout


Rather than creating a workout from scratch, you can now clone an existing workout as your initial reference.


Improved Main Page

Main page improved slightly. You can jump straight to the exercise search page, as well as an alternating tile colour to spice things up a bit.

search exercises

Livetile Cleanup

Livetiles get a bit of TLC. The main tile will reflect the last workout, rather than just the exercise. Also they now update more reliably than ever šŸ™‚