v5.0 released

It’s been a long time since the last version release. Been busy with work/life, but I have finally completed testing and released the result!


New features:

  • Start and End graphics for all included exercises
  • Exercise history includes graph of past performance
  • New summary screen for past workouts
  • New history view makes it easier to find your past workouts
  • Improved resuming. Now faster and more stable
  • Many bug fixes and performance enhancements throughout

Please give me feedback on how you like the new version. I am working through what to put in the next release (v5.1).

Download from the App Store today.

V4.40 – Automatic OneDrive backup edition

I’m sure most of you have had to reinstall GymBuilder at some point to find that you forgot to backup your data. Well with the addition of Automatic OneDrive Backup, you don’t have to worry anymore! Just login to OneDrive, set the frequency, and the app will check if it needs to upload a backup, whenever you run it.

Grab it now from the store!


v4.30 (autumn edition) is out

Well after a long summer, the cold weather/short daylight hours are back, which means I get to code again.

Version 4.30 brings around a bunch of fixes and suggested improvements:

  • Forearm measurements!
  • Improved scrolly things to choose your weight/sets
  • Countdown timer can now be set at any 5 second interval
  • Additional exercises I’m doing at the gym
  • Tons of bug fixes and minor interface improvements

Hope you all enjoy it! I am planning more improvement over the next month so stay tuned!

Version 4.20 – Cardio edition

We have had a number of requests for improved cardio support, so we decided to bite the bullet and add the option. V4.20 is available in the store now!

Cardio Icon on the front page


Create your own custom cardio exercises


Adding sets will allow you to choose a duration, as well as enter the distance and energy used.



History displays both your weight exercises and cardio exercises on the same page



Version 4.10 submitted to app store

A lot of changes have been added to the app since version 4.0. This release is focusing on stability and improved consistency.

There have been a ton of bug fixes, too many to cover completely, however here are some of the highlight:

  • Improved context menus: Most items have hold gestures associated. Tap and hold to see what you can do!
  • Crash reduction: We have tirelessly worked through the crash logs, and resolved many of the common items we see there.
  • Styling updates: Tons of tweaks across the entire app to make things more pleasing to the eyes.
  • Profile page: Updated the look of the profile page. Expect a few more tweaks here over the next few releases
  • Huge refactor: The back-end has gone through a pretty major update, in preparation for many new features in the future.


Version 4.8 coming your way

This is an awesome release, focused on a number of functional improvements, as well as some significant behind the scenes work to improve performance. Also now that my shoulder injury has healed, I noticed I was missing quite a few exercises focused on this area, so I fleshed this out a bit with upright rows and standing shoulder presses.


This version focuses on streamlining the creation of workouts. There are now two new easy ways to create a workout:

Create from History

The easiest way to create a new workout, just record entries freeform, and then from the history view, press the plus button to turn it into a workout! Couldn’t be easier.

Remember that the trial restriction of one workout still applies. If you like this feature, then please consider purchasing and help fund future development.

create workout


Rather than creating a workout from scratch, you can now clone an existing workout as your initial reference.


Improved Main Page

Main page improved slightly. You can jump straight to the exercise search page, as well as an alternating tile colour to spice things up a bit.

search exercises

Livetile Cleanup

Livetiles get a bit of TLC. The main tile will reflect the last workout, rather than just the exercise. Also they now update more reliably than ever đŸ™‚


This updates adds a couple of features requests:

Negative Weight

Now you can enter a negative weight, great for those weight assisted exercises like pull-ups and dips.


Exercise Notes

Add notes to any exercise, great if there are some specific instructions you need to remember.


Version 4.6 uploading now…

Version 4.6 is now on it’s way to the store. This release gives a whole pile of love to the workout page along with the usual array of fixes and performance improvements.

As always, let me know what you think, we are always open to feedback.

Assign weight / reps to workouts exercises

Now, not only can you create your own custom workout, but you can assign the reps and weight along with each exercise!

Expect further integration with the exercise page in the future.


Workout History

Tired of forgetting when your last did a particular workout, well now just swipe across and you can see the session history associated only with that workout.


Version 4.5 heading your way

Weight tracking

After an overwhelming positive response to the new measurement page, I have extended this to now include weight tracking! Now you can enter your height, weight and body fat. BMI is calculated automatically as well.




  • If you edit your set history, the last exercised and last workout times now are correctly updated.
  • A bunch of other bug fixes, improvements and optimisations!