V4.4 released

A small update to incorporate a lot of feedback about the weight and prediction model. Now it’s configurable!


Last Set

“Last set” will use the details from your last recorded set to prefill the weight and repetitions.

Last Workout

Last workout, will track the entries in your last workout. For your first set, it will prefill from the first set of the last workout. Second set prefills from the second set of the last workout and so on.

Further Work?

I plan to incorporate a few more advanced prediction models in the future, stay tuned.


Sneak Peak

For the last month, I’ve been working on a significant update. So far I have focused mostly on cosmetic and back-end changes, however over the next few week I’ll be focusing more on functional work. I expect to release by the end of Feb so keep an eye out!

Here a couple of early screenshots so you can see what I am working on:

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