v3.6 is out

Just a minor release to add a note icon to indicate when a set contains a note. Thanks everyone for the feedback!


  • Feature: Note indicator for sets
  • Bug: Always navigated to first exercise in workout on back

Version 3.4 pending release

Version 3.4 has been uploaded to the Store and should be through in a few days. This version is mostly a cleanup, a couple of user interface tweaks, a redo of the transitions, and performance and bug fixes.

Download from the store now, don’t forgot to rate it, and let me know if you are looking for any feature for future versions!

Get v3.0 now!

This update has been a huge refactor for me to cleanup the code ready for future releases.

The biggest change is the addition of colour assignments to workouts, which is reflected on the live-tiles.

Also a new splash screen, cleaner icon, plus new backgrounds! Grab it now from the Windows Phone store.

Version 2.6 is out!

Been a while since the last release, but things have been busy on this side. This version brings a huge code re-factor in preparation for a pile of new features both now and in the future. The app is now faster and the interface more consistent.

Last sets on entry page

This was a commonly requested features which now cuts out the need to scroll scroll across to the history page every time you enter new sets. Now you can see exactly what you did last time, as well as how long ago it was.


Previous/Next Exercises

Also another commonly requested item, this saves the time of navigating back to the workout page and finding the next workout. Use the navigating arrows to move directly to the next exercise.


New Workout page

The workout page had a huge makeover. Removed unnecessary elements, and made it easier to remove items via check-box selection. The next version will be based around extended workouts even further. I won’t give you the details just yet, but there have been a huge number of requests for this so stay tuned for v2.7


  • Feature: Show last workout on entry page for quick reference
  • Feature: Next/Previous buttons on exercise page to quickly move through exercises in a workout
  • Feature: First run screen with basic configuration
  • UI: New reworked workout page
  • Huge number of UI fixes and performance enhancements

Version 2.4.2

Version 2.4.2 has been uploaded for certification. This is a minor point release to fix a number of performance issues and bugs.


  • UI: Keep position in exercises page
  • Add crash emailer
  • Performance optimisations

Version 2.4.1 in certification

Unfortunately in my rush to get the last release out to fix a number of critical bugs, I left a new feature I’m developing partially in place causing the app to crash when accessing an exercise through the workout page.

Good new is, it’s fixed and I have submitted the app. Bad news, Microsoft can take up to 5 days to certify the new version 🙁


  • Bug: doesn’t crash when accessing exercise via workout

Version 2.4 is out!

Version 2.4 has now been submitted to the store, and assuming the planets are aligned correctly, the update should appear later this week.

This is mostly fixing a number of bugs reports. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to give me this feedback, and please keep it coming!

Switch Units


  • Feature: can switch between lb and kg from exercise page
  • Bug: fixed skydrive (again)
  • Bug: doesnt crash if you disable background agent
  • Bug: fixed small icon